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Video: A Happy Life ~ Sam/Jack (Stargate SG-1)

Song: Calling You (acoustic) (edited)
Artist: Blue October

Summary: Jack point-of-view during SGU season 1. Just when you are about to start crying you can't stop giggling.

For Yolie (tomslog). Thank you for the never-ending inspiration.

This video is a response to challenge #53 at sj_everyday.

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Video: Dream Come True ~ Maggie/Victor (Days of our Lives)

Song: Back at One (edited)
Artist: Brian McKnight

Summary: In August, 2014, Will Horton's magazine article about Abigail having an affair with EJ causes Victor to struggle with telling or not telling Maggie that he owns the magazine and that he pushed to have Will write the article. He's afraid this might be a lose-lose situation.

Editor's note:
Two years in the making... only because I'd gotten stuck on some points. Then I had to set it aside because of my annual October festival sabbatical. And that was when hubby had his accident. These past two years ended up being a crazy rollercoaster ride. I'm so happy that I finally got my senses back together and found this little gem. I remember wanting to work this song. I don't remember having put together any of the video but there it all was: notes and outlines and several project versions.

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Getting Back to Normal

My sister lost her battle with cancer. I can't think of anything else to say. Actually my head is full of thoughts but I can't get them out and into coherent sentences.

In general, this whole year has been an emotional mess. In July we had to euthanize our cat, Spot. His picture is on my profile page, greeting everyone as friends.

Okay, so that's where I'm at right now.
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Video: Why ~ Sam/Jack (Stargate SG-1)

Song: Why! (edited)
Artist: Enigma
Summary: Jack, between Chimera and Reckoning.

Inspired by Challenge #19 at sj_everyday.

Also posted at communities sam-and-jack and stargatevids.

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Happy New Year! Oh, And Your Basement Flooded.

The beginning of December we took off on a trip, planning to be gone 6 to 8 weeks. Our son would keep an eye on the house. All was fine until January 2nd when our son called to inform us that there had been 2 feet of water in the basement and most of the stuff he and we had stored down there was now junked.

We packed up the motorhome and started out for home the next day. 1,700 miles. We made it in 3 long and tiring days.

When I walked into the house the smell about knocked me out. The flood water was creek overflow. Smelly, slimy, silty water.

While we were gone there'd been a LOT of rain in a short time and that means the creek comes up close to the house. Only this time, our neighbor told us, it came up way higher than usual. And the ice storm had knocked out power for about 14 hours. We've come up with a couple of possible scenarios of how it could have happened but we'll never know. It doesn't matter anyway.

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