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18 February 2011 @ 11:00 pm
Video: Playing By Heart ~ Stargate Sam/Jack  
Song: Playing By Heart
Artist: Yanni
Album: Ethnicity

At first or casual glance this video will look like "just another ship clip compilation."

This was my goal:

  • Simple presentation

  • Choreography making use of expressions and movements

  • Fluff, angst, action with a splash of gutter and fun

I this is how I worked it out:
The song has two melodies along with an intro, interlude and outro. I divided the video into 5 parts. I use the melodies to loop through the same episodes but use different clips to emphasize my point.

0:00 Part 1 (Intro and melodies) - Development
1:40 Part 2 (Melodies) - Confrontation
2:45 Part 3 (Interlude) - Withdrawal
3:10 Part 4 (Melodies) - Acceptance
3:52 Part 5 (Outro) - Reeling in the Years

With a lot of hope and a little luck it'll make sense.

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Watch it here:

Playing By Heart (Stargate, Sam/Jack) from Theresa (UhSir) on Vimeo.

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