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27 December 2014 @ 09:38 pm
Video: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me ~ Maggie/Victor (Days of our Lives)  
Song: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (edited)
Artist: Gloria Estefan

Summary: Sort of a synopsis of Maggie and Victor settling into their relationship. Time-frame is September-October, 2011 with flashbacks to March and August, 2011. What's inside: Hope and Jennifer are worried about Maggie getting involved with Victor; Victor turns up the charm but Maggie just is not sure she's ready to commit; Victor struggles with the idea of losing her and remembers how she nearly died because of him; Maggie interrupts sneaky Victor thanking Hope and Jennifer for their help with setting up his surprise proposal. Then it finishes up with lovey-dovey, snuggly stuff, because they're just so darn cute!

Editor's Note: I guess there is a positive side to my way-too-long hiatus from vidding. I was poking around my computer, trying to get a feel for a video idea when I found this little gem tucked away in a backup folder. I had started this video idea a while ago but got stuck on how to work it. Well, I started laying the clips down and two days later I had a complete rough draft. That's really quick for me. I was tempted to set it aside for a week and see how I feel about it then but I'm afraid I would only pick it apart. I feel really good about how it plays now so I'm forcing myself to let it go.

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