Theresa (uhsir) wrote,

Video: Dream Come True ~ Maggie/Victor (Days of our Lives)

Song: Back at One (edited)
Artist: Brian McKnight

Summary: In August, 2014, Will Horton's magazine article about Abigail having an affair with EJ causes Victor to struggle with telling or not telling Maggie that he owns the magazine and that he pushed to have Will write the article. He's afraid this might be a lose-lose situation.

Editor's note:
Two years in the making... only because I'd gotten stuck on some points. Then I had to set it aside because of my annual October festival sabbatical. And that was when hubby had his accident. These past two years ended up being a crazy rollercoaster ride. I'm so happy that I finally got my senses back together and found this little gem. I remember wanting to work this song. I don't remember having put together any of the video but there it all was: notes and outlines and several project versions.

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