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Song: Upside Down (edited)
Artist: Paloma Faith
Summary: Celebrating Days' 50th Anniversary with fun stuff from some of my favorite characters.

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Song: Broken Glass (edited)
Artist: Mayaeni
Summary: Maggie understands Victor's feelings for Caroline, but it still hurts.

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12 October 2015 @ 05:18 pm
It's been a year since hubby's horrible fall. He's doing really great, by the way. We didn't do our annual camping trip to the Covered Bridge Festival but we did do a day-trip yesterday with our son and his fiancé.

On the way home our boy took over the reins and he jabbered the whole time. I got a real sense of how grown up he is when he started talking about video games now versus "back in the day," meaning when he was just starting out gaming about a dozen years ago. I couldn't help laughing. Not making fun of him. I was just deliriously happy about my baby boy being an adult. It was a short laugh though because he was seriously concerned about the downturn in gaming with respect to skills, auto-leveling, instant gratification and a lot more.  I'm not going to get any more into it because 1) it's not what this post is about and 2) I'm not a gamer and I understand very little about it. But I was amazed and am proud about everything he said. The conversation moved quickly to his job which he and hubby continued with while we gals started talking about wedding plans. It'll be here in a blink!

My sister started her chemo treatments. She's had two now. I called her and she sounds really good. My mom had a visit with her on Saturday and she suspects my sister is less hopeful than she makes out to be. I told her we'll just have to stay hopeful for her.

I've been sitting here today looking out the window at the beautiful early autumn scenery. The windows are open. A cool wind is blowing stuff off the tables through the house. The smell of burning leaves. That concerns me a bit though because of the wind.

Gotta go now because the Cubbies are playing the Cards. It's a beautiful day for a ball game!

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11 September 2015 @ 12:29 am
I've been talking to my other sisters and my mom and we're all scared, angry and hopeful.

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Hangin' in there.
04 September 2015 @ 09:28 pm
My oldest sister just got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It's spread to her liver and lymph nodes. She starts an aggressive treatment next week. She's determined to beat it. Of course she is. That's how she is about everything that tries to get in her way.

I feel like my brain is paralyzed. I feel bad for being scared that she won't beat it. I guess it's good that we live 1700 miles apart because she sure doesn't need me bringing her down. She's the oldest, I'm the youngest of five and she was a big part in helping raise me. Everything I do now reminds me of her.

I want to curl up in a corner and make this not be real. 
Song: Under the Influence (edited)
Artist: Elle King
Summary: This is what happens when this little vidder gets in a mood.

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Song: In The Deep (edited)
Artist: Bird York
Summary: Inspired by a prompt at Gateworld about the AO3 "Heroes Hug - With a Kiss Twist!"

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Also at 4shared or dailymotion

Watch It Here:
Title: All I Ever Needed
Song: The One (edited)
Artist: Elton John
Summary: Maggie and Victor realize they love each other just the way they are.

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09 April 2015 @ 10:58 pm
When I went out to visit my mother in December I told her I would start calling her every couple of days when I got back home. I wanted to be sure if she started having trouble again that I'd be able to get one of us kids to help her as soon as possible. She said that would be fine. We agreed that if she wanted me to cut back to a couple of times or once a week then I would do that. I'm calling her every evening now and we're both enjoying the dickens out of it. We don't talk long, 10 or 20 minutes, sometimes just 5. Mom has good days and not-so-good days. Mostly good though.

I realized today that these phone calls are probably helping me more than her. I didn't have a really close relationship with her growing up. We were quite the dysfunctional family, like most every other family. These phone calls are making us closer than we've probably ever been. I'm not saying my mom wasn't there for me before. She was always there. When  I let her. When I didn't push her away.

Now I'm getting to know her as more than mom. Talking every day gives me a chance to find out about what else matters to her besides the family. Sometimes she'll start right out by telling me she's fine and everything's fine and she wants to tell me about something that happened that day or she wants to know what's going on with me for a change. By the time we finish any of our chats she's gotten me to talk a little bit about my feelings.

The other day I was putting on makeup and I thought about a time when I was a young teenager. My mother and I were going to go to the grocery store. I came out of my room and saw my mom in the bathroom putting on makeup. I asked her why do that just to go to the grocery store? She said she never goes out without rouge and lipstick at the very least. I've never been fond of wearing makeup but from now on I'm never going out without at least a little bit of rouge and lipstick.
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Song: Never Knew I Needed (edited)
Artist: Ne-Yo featuring Cassandra Steen
Summary: Fluff Warning! Viewing could result in happiness overload.

I wanted an excuse to use the clip at the beginning so I went looking for a song. When I found this one I loved it because it gave me a way to also use the clip at the end. My only problem was coming up with a way to fill in between. I finally figured I might as well just keep up the fun-fest all the way through.

I wouldn't have gotten this done without inspiration from my new friends at MyHourglass: Days of Our Lives Fan Forum

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