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My video posts and some others are public.

About Me
If you're wondering about my username, which also is my video logo, this post explains it.

I started this journal page to be in touch with my Stargate SG-1 friends, but my interests are much more than Stargate. I'm not overly gabby and sometimes my posts get more to ranting but I can be a teeny bit humorous at times.

Old and New, Obsessive and Not-So-Much
3rd Rock from the Sun ♥ Body of Proof ♥ Bones ♥ Community ♥ Criminal Minds ♥ Days of Our Lives ♥ Eureka ♥ Frasier ♥ Hawaii Five-O ♥ Human Target ♥ Leverage ♥ Men of a Certain Age ♥ Quantum Leap ♥ Sons of Anarchy ♥ Star Trek ♥ Stargate ♥ V ♥ Warehouse 13

Sam and Jack (Stargate) ♥ Brennen and Booth (Bones) ♥ Crusher and Picard (Star Trek) ♥ Maggie and Victor (Days of Our Lives)

Alan Jackson ♥ Alan Rickman ♥ Emma Thompson ♥ George Strait ♥ Katharine Hepburn ♥ Meg Ryan ♥ Morgan Freeman ♥ Myrna Loy ♥ Reba McEntire ♥ Robert Preston ♥ Sandra Bullock ♥ Saul Rubinek ♥ Tom Hanks

Other Things I Post About
Baking ♥ Cats ♥ Computers ♥ Cooking ♥ Country Music ♥ Dreams ♥ Family ♥ Health ♥ Music ♥ Parenting ♥ Politics ♥ Reading ♥ RVing ♥ Wildlife ♥ Yard Work

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